The GrasStains are a really good "weekend warrior" traditional bluegrass band from Nashville.  Kirk Bowles, on guitar; Daniel Hart, on bass; and Tate McDaniel, on banjo, have all worked with me.  These guys are true to the "high lonesome" sound and play the real stuff.

Here's a video of them performing at the ROMP Bluegrass festival in Owensboro, KY in 2009.  

Raleigh Lane.jpg

Raleigh Lane

If you see this person, please notify the authorities immediately!  Raleigh Lane is wanted in several states for picking the banjo faster than what is currently allowed by law.  He is a proud graduate of the 82nd Airborne Division, a serious outdoorsman, a retired moonshiner, and one of the nicest guys I know.

Jason Perry

Jason Perry is a bass player and a cool music fan who made the pilgrimage down to Macon, Georgia a few years ago to visit the hallowed ground of the Allman Brothers Band. Here are some pictures from Rose Hill Cemetery, where the Brothers used to hang out and party late at night near their band house. You will see the graves of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley, who both died in motorcycle accidents early on, and were buried side by side in their favorite party cemetery. Also, nearby is the grave of one Elizabeth Jones Reed, who was immortalized in song by Dickey Betts in the classic instrumental "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed". Jason Perry is seen standing in front of the monument that was the scene of the Brothers second album cover (the famous "Jesus" shot). 

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