Private Lessons with Rob (on a regular schedule):  $45 per half hour (weekly lessons); $45 per half hour(alternate weeks).  

Intermittent "a la carte" lessons (not on a regular schedule):  $50 per half hour/$100 per hour. This is a good choice for people with really crazy schedules.

Lessons on non-working days (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) are $150 for the first hour, $100 per hour after the first. Two hour minimum ($250).

Private Lessons with William Dyer:  $35 per half hour, payable in increments of 4 lessons at a time in advance ($140). Weekly lessons are preferred.



Lessons are available weekly, alternate-weekly, or by week-to-week/intermittent scheduling where necessary. For regular weekly or alternate-weekly slots, payment for all lessons in each month is due at the first lesson of each month. All scheduled lesson slots MUST be paid, even if you have to cancel some lessons. We generally try to reschedule cancelled lessons, as long as the student gives us 24 hours advance notice, but these are subject to availability of make-up time only. We can not guarantee that all cancelled lessons can be made up, because some people cancel a lot of lessons. We generally find that good students rarely miss their lessons, and we try to make them up if possible. But remember: Make-ups are NOT guaranteed!! Please understand that you pay for all your lesson time, whether you attend the lesson or not. You will not be charged for any lessons that are cancelled by the teacher, which happens from time to time. You will NEVER be charged for any lesson that is cancelled at the last minute because of severe weather conditions such as snow, ice, tornadoes, flooding, etc. If you can not commit to a regular weekly or alt. weekly slot, it is possible to schedule week to week, but you must pay for 4 lessons in advance, and you will be charged for any lesson not cancelled with 24 hours advance notice. Please contact us if you would like some more information about scheduling lessons,etc. We know that people are very busy these days, and we do try to accommodate our students as much as we can, but we do require people to pay for all their lesson slots except in rare cases when the teacher cancels lessons for a holiday or some other personal reason. If you don't cancel too many lessons, most or all of your cancelled lessons can generally be made up, although this is NOT GUARANTEED!!! Please understand this, and contact us now if you have any questions. We are always willing to work with people who have crazy schedules, as long as we are agreed on the policy.

We are very committed to working with you to find a good time for your lessons that will work well in your schedule. Please contact us by phone or email so we can find you a good slot!!! We are eager to get started with you!!!


Music lessons are expensive. A lot of people, young or old, may not be able to make the financial commitment it takes to have a weekly or even an every-other-week lesson. Often the most serious and devoted students are the ones that can least afford quality instruction. For this reason, I would encourage you to contact me if you are interested in learning to play, or improving the skills you already have, even if my fees seem out of reach for you. If you are really serious about learning, we will figure out a way for you to work with me somehow. Even one lesson a month can achieve a great deal over time if you are really doing your work. Also, it might be possible for me to offer lower rates for open slots due to cancellations. I repeat: do not let money (or lack of it) stand in the way of you becoming a good musician. We will figure out something if you contact me.